Splitted composition?

This is warner classics hires callas opera (donizzetti, lucia).

the album is identified, and it reports (it seams) the correct label. even though the dates are wrong (originally released is missing?)
anyway, i just want to note that, as one can see, the composition has been splitted in the different acts of the opera.
at the beginnig, i thought: how smart! with BIG compositions like operas, it could be useful to add a level, for example the acts.

but actually in this case it does not work, because album results in more versions of the same composition…

Nested compositions is a years-old feature request. But in your case, as you say, you only have a problem. Have you tried reidentfying and seeing if there is better metadata available?

Also, are you preferring any file tag metadata either for this album or globally for all albums?

Have you edited the album details at all? Is the front cover accurate. This details are critical to try and figure out which metadata you’ve pulled from the Cloud.

yes, in fact.
yes, i’ve tried. actually, i have many of these albums (digital re-edition of maria callas opera recordings, not box set, warner classics), and half of them are not identified. i’ve tried many combinations: in my tags, maria callas is the album artist, somehow contradicting the usual classical tag logic, and contradicting what’s on the booklet. but in such cases, there’s not a really well identified album artist (the conductor? the director of the opera? the main vocal soloists?) so one has to make an arbitrary choice.
in any case, i tried album identification with different artist and/or album titles, but i could not match my tracks.
but i noticed that in general digital download editions are seldom identified.

in this case, the album seems well matched. i can with no problem “prefer file work/part structure” to solve it (actually, i’ve already done it).
i just wanted to note this album, because it seemed to introduce a different structure in the metadata.

Try re-identifying with:

Artist: Maria Callas
Album: Donizetti: Lucia di Lammermoor

And pick the 5th hit with the same cover art.

At the moment, you are picking up a (one disc) 35 track digital download edition of the metadata. We have excellent metadata for the album in its 2-disc (35 track) variant.

@joel, thanks, i’ve done.
just one question: when you look at different editions, the 5th entry is signed as 1989. then, when i select it, it comes out (as one of the different options) 2013, which is the warner classics new edition. this is confusing… i think that, to better identify an album, in the list of editions one should receive more infos (label? more labels? year? more years? catalog?) and not just one year that does not match.
i mean: something similar to the album releases one obtains in discogs (with release date, label, catalog, country). maybe, with the (next :slight_smile: ?) discogs integration…

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Sure. This is something that we’re aware of. We can probably do better here. It’s, as usual, a case of priorities.