Spoken Word option?

(anp) #1

OK not music I know but…I’m new to Roon and wondering if there is a way to listen to books or podcasts?

(Chris ) #2

I do it all the time, I bookmark them in their own section the same as I do with Tidal MQA for quick access.
You have to add your own album covers if your ripping program doesn’t find them.
I use my own Genres. Spoken word. BBC Audio Drama, BBC Audio Comedy etc…

(anp) #3

Thanks Chris
With podcasts do you use a ripping program too?

(JohnV) #4

Go find Dr. Death if you haven’t already. Chilling true (US) story.

Could not happen with National Health. :slight_smile:

(Chris ) #5

I don’t have many podcasts. If they are MP3, just drag them in after doing some id3 tags

(Geoff Coupe) #6

I’m on Windows 10, I use Grover Pro, which will download podcasts I want to keep directly into my music library.