Spontaneous disconnections driving me nuts

I’m running Roon on a Mac mini. My Roon Remote runs on an older iPad mini. Initially, an Orbi router handled wi-fi for both (good three signal bar strength on both the mini and the iPad). Yet on a random basis, the iPad would lose connection to the Roon on the Mac mini, and (although music would keep playing), I’d have to reopen Roon Remote on the iPad to reestablish the connection.

I tried getting the Orbi router out of the wireless connection as follows:

  • I connected the Mac mini to the router (and internet) via Ethernet hard-wired
  • I set up a new and different wireless network originating from the Mac mini
  • I connected the iPad Roon Remote to the new network and “forgot” the original wireless network

Still getting random disconnects.

What might be causing this, and what need I do to correct it?

Thanks - Boomzilla

Sometimes on mesh networks there can be connection issues if the device switches between different mesh points. See if you can set the tablet to use one mesh point and not roam.

Thanks, Daniel - I’ll go look for that setting.

You are not alone. I submitted a similar case but no reply yet.

Boomzilla of Emotiva fame?

Roon recommends not running a core machine on WiFi. Remotes should normally be ok but older model tech might struggle with access speeds over some WiFi networks.

I would try the iPad back on the orbi mesh assuming the mini is on the same subnet as ate WiFi is using.