Spontaneous re-indexing and old albums appearing as recently added

I did a brief search and I could not find this specific question, so I thought I could open a new topic.

Yesterday I had a rather frightening experience when Roon stopped playing in the middle of an excellent Andy Summers track. I opened up the remote app and saw a ‘This album was deleted’ message. All that was left in my library were the Tidal albums I added to the library, but the 8000 (give or take a few) albums on my NAS were missing. With my heart skipping several beats, I quickly entered the Settings/Storage tab and saw that Roon had started a complete ‘from new’ re-index.

This happened shortly after I upgraded the iOS on my iPad to 10.1.1 which may have nothing to do with it but I thought I should mention it.

Since it was nearly time for bed, I decided to grab some sleep, let reindexing take it’s course and have another look this morning. To my relief I found that the index was back where it belonged, but I also noticed that 9 albums had mysteriously appeared at the top of my ‘Albums’ view. I use the ‘Sort by date added’ option, so I was wondering how these albums were suddenly reindexed as ‘newly added’ while most of them have been on my NAS for years and no recent metadata changes were made (at least, not my me. After some further investigation I noticed a mistake in the Roon Metadata on the reissue of ‘Damage’ by Robert Fripp and David Sylvian, where the first track was suddenly called ‘God’s Money’, which should be ‘God’s Monkey’ (my personal metadata was correct). I find the Roon database to be thoroughly reliable so I have no problem using it, even with the occasional hiccup that I can always edit back to normality myself, but perhaps database changes by AMG/Roon can also cause older albums to reappear als newly added?

I run Roon Server on a dedicated headless (Late 2012) Mac mini with 4GB internal memory. My Roon Folder is also on that Mac mini (I know, I should add memory, and I will as soon as funds and time allow). The only other program running in the background is iTunes (for watching movies on my Apple TV). I also noticed that an upgrade for iTunes was ready to be installed. I disabled automatic updates but I check regularly through VNC Viewer.

My music is on a Synology 412+ NAS with 2x3TB in Raid 1, that’s connected to a Fritzbox! 7490 router in a fully AudioQuest Forest CAT700 wired network using an 8 port metal D-Link Switch behind my hifi-set.

Has anyone had the same experience? An explanation would be most welcome.

Hi Max,

More users have the same issue. It looks confined to NAS users, I have seen this reported on Synology and QNAP. The Roon people are looking into this at the moment. They have a survey out, please contact them for a link to the survey to share your infrastructure with them.


@Ruud_Verrijk — Thank you for the provided insight, here! @Max_Delissen — I will reach out to you shortly via PM, thanks!


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I just finished filling in the survey. Hope it helps!

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This happens to me as well. And the weird thing is that Roon still shoes the correct historical date that the file was originally imported.

Hi @Musicphile ----- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles here. Can you please provide us the details of your setup as seen here.


It happened again this morning, after the normal automatic re-index. Five albums that were pulled forward before somehow made it to the front page again… Nothing serious, they still play just fine, but it ticks me off that I don’t understand what’s going on.

I’m starting to notice that it’s The same few albums every time this happens. Two by Gordon Giltrap, one by David Sylvian and Robert Fripp, one by Tangerine Dream, one by Julie Driscoll & Brian Auger and a Various Artists album with rare and obscure Dutch pop music from the last century.

I have made no edits to any of them. The ‘date edited’ of the folders and files on my NAS (which is not the ‘date added’ by which Roon displays them in te ‘Albums’ view, I know…) has not changed.

Perhaps that can help you find a solution.

Yesterday I performed a MacOS upgrade on my Mac mini that has Roon Core running on it. After the upgrade Roon started re-indexing like it always does after the Core has been restarted, and after re-indexing, a whole bunch of ‘older’ albums (f.i. some were added in 2015) were brought to the first page of the ‘Sort by date added’ Album View.

This morning, some of the ‘older’ albums were replaced by other ‘older’ albums and by pure chance I found out that some of them seemed to have gotten lost from the index altogether, even though they are still on my NAS. For instance, I have three albums by the artist ‘Mind over MIDI’, none of them are in the index. What I DID find out was that I wrote the Album Artist name in two different ways (Mind over MIDI en Mind Over MIDI) but that has not influenced indexing before.

I’m not happy to revive this old thread, because Roon has functioned flawlessly for over a year and through two major upgrades, but I felt equally unhappy about NOT reporting this.

Hi @Max_Delissen ----- Thank you for the feedback and sharing this observation you have made with us. The insight is always appreciated.

Moving forward, my sense is that the answer to this question will be “no”, but would you please verify if your storage location/configuration has changed at any point prior to noticing this latest behavior with Roon.

Additionally, in regard to the mentioned albums by ‘Mind over MIDI’, have you tried removing the content from your watch folder(s), forcing a rescan, then moving back into the watch folder(s), and forcing another rescan?


Hi Eric,

Thanks for getting back to me about this.

There has been a minor change in my storage setup since the last time I reported the phenomenon. In april 2017 I added a 3TB hard drive to my NAS to get a total of 6TB of storage space. Storage is configured with Synology Hybrid RAID.

My NAS, however, is the same Synology 412+, and it is still connected to the same Mac mini that exclusively runs the Roon core on it, wired with AudioQuest Forest CAT700 cable via an AVM FRITZ!Box Router and a D-Link switch.

And yes, I applied the ‘move to another location, re-index, move back to the NAS, re-index’ trick succesfully on the three Mind Over MIDI albums that were no longer in the Roon index but were still on the NAS, but now I can’t help thinking about what other albums may have gotten lost. There are more than 9000 albums on my NAS so you can imagine that it will be quite a task to compare my Roon index to my NAS index.

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