Spotify Connect Issue

I haven’t been able to use my ropieee for a while and realized that I needed updates. Ran all of the updates and got roon and plex amp working (awesome addition, THANK YOU!) but spotify connect is giving me problems. I can find the device but as soon as I select it, it switches back to the device I am on. Here is the feedback code from after I have attempted to use spotify.

And I forgot to paste the code : 6ed67210705d939b

For me work spotify connect well after close all connecton to device from all roon control devices.

I re-flashed and am still getting the same error. Here is a new code: 4d5322588bef9ad8

Your audio device is locked, hence Spotify cannot get a hold (and no output).

I suggest you disable the rest (I see that you have Plexamp enabled, for example) and try again.

Fresh install without any other services activated and still experiencing the same problem. Here is a new code :4c6bc3609564f469

Your credentials used for logging into Spotify are not correct.

Thank you so much for all your help with this! Still having the same problem after copying and pasting credentials from my Spotify account page. Here is the new feedback code: 461e03bf5bf4eb35

Ok. Credentials are ok, but there is something wrong with the USB connection to the DAC.
This happens sometimes with a faulty cable. Can you try another one?

I’ll try swapping a cable but it is also not showing up in Roon. I think there is another problem going on.

Same thing. There is no audio device because of an errornous connection. Hence no show up in Roon.

It was my DAC. Thank you for all your help! Time to return some cables to Amazon.

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