Spotify Hi-Fi.... redux?

Just got a user survey from Spotify polling interest in Hi-res audio, hardware integration/bundle, a set up service (!), and hi-end audio related content (podcast).

May not amount to anything more that the Hi-Fi tier that was apparently tested a few years back but interesting that it’s on their radar.

Any other Spotify premium users get this survey?

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Nope, not had anything. But I haven’t used my account since lockdown as only use it on the go.

Nope. Haven’t received that either. Would love it though if they went hi rez. Qobuz is just too flaky.

Nothing here and I’ve been a beta tester for about 4 years now

Off topic I know but what’s flaky about Qobuz?

The IOS app is horrible. Really slow. Can’t organize playlists, the filter does not work. Search sucks. Don’t likey. The Mac desktop app is awful too. Luckily in Roon it’s fine. But prefer Spotify. They have the best playlists, best UI on all formats and devices, connect, etc.

OK so the service isn’t flaky, you don’t like the apps.

Correct. The sound is great and the catalog has gotten much better. but using it is awful. If I didn’t have Roon I would have dumped QB a long time ago.

I agree their app is dire.