Spotify integration - I know it's not happening

I was recently converted to HD audio and subscribed to Tidal as well as purchasing a lifetime Roon sub.
Due to family circumstances, I’ve now cancelled my Tidal sub and gone back to Spotify family.

As my digital library is fed by my Spotify sub, and I don’t have any local files, I can’t use Roon any more.
Such a shame that Spotify won’t let others access their API’s… I really miss my Roon.

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Hi Toby,

That is one sad state of affairs and you have my sympathy. All I can offer by way of suggestion is:

  • Start a local collection, there are users who don’t have a Tidal subscription and just use Roon to explore their collection. Admittedly, I think they have collections of thousands of albums;

  • If a continual Tidal subscription isn’t feasible, maybe you could do it periodically. What I’m thinking is say every few months, drop Spotify and take up Tidal for a month. Knock yourself out with music discovery that month, then revert to Spotify with an exported list of albums from Roon.

I hope you can find something that works. If you want to speak to a dev about things you should pm @mike . I’m not sure if anything is possible, but they have a good record for fitting arrangements to customers.

Hi Roon Team,
It’s been a while and I still sorely miss my Roon experience.
Any chance things have changed and Roon now integrates Spotify?

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I haven’t heard of any movement here, sorry Toby.

It’s a pity that Spotify cannot be intergrated in Roon as they did with Tidal.
I now have a Tidal account, because the integration of a streaming service is that, what makes Roon a perfect music system.

But unfortunatly Tidal as itself is by far not as good as Spotify. I hate it that they recomment me music they like and not the music I like (and for my share their taste of music is terrible - maybe I’m too old for that sh…).
So, at the moment I have not yet canceled my Spotify account and use Spotify to discover new music, Their recommentations are perfect on point with my taste of music.

Maybe one day in a perfect future, Roon has his own recommentation system based on hearing history using the Tidal cataloque (don’t laugh, let me dream :sunny:).