Spotify loudness normalization with XL

I was wondering if loudness normalization is enabled on librespot in RoopieXL.

I would like all my tracks to be played on the ‘Quite’ option, but i know that loudness normalization happens at the client level, not the server level. So whatever setting there is on Spotify on my device it won’t translate to librespot in RoopieXL.

So is loudness normalization enbaled? and if so at what settings? If not how can i enable it?

It is not enabled nor is it possible (at this moment) to enable it.

Could you please consider adding it as a feature? It’s really annoying to adjust the volume for every song that plays.

As Abdul Karim: please add this as a feature. This would greatly improve the listening experience for those who do not a remote to control the output volume on the amplifier. thanks in advance

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