Spotify no longer supported on version 2.596 (its called LibreSpot now)

Just to notify everyone, last changelog available on Ropieeexl site is 2.595 (2020/09/06) but if you update the latest version is 2.596 as available from the software page to download.

DO NOT UPGRADE TO 2.596 as you will loose Spotify connect.

  • Theres no configuration tab for Spotify so it is impossible to choose the audio output.
    …It is still visible on the “summary of your settings” review after clicking on Commit Changes.
    Maybe a bug from this version but still a major one that will prevent you from using Spotify.
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Just switched to the Beta channel for an update, and I am having the same issue on 2.656 Beta.

Will Spotify no longer be supported on the XL project? @spockfish

Why would you think that?

This release is out for quite a while. Nobody reported an issue, and it also works over here.
If you have an issue I’d suggest you report it so I can have a look without directly making such claims.

Using 2.596 and Spotify (Librespot) works fine.

No issues here. Neither on Stable nor Beta.

I am sorry about the form but I got alarmed about this…
Thank you for reaching out.
what made le think about it was that I updated and after I lost access to the Spotify tab.
Also there was no changelog for 2.596 so I assumed something was happening to remove Spotify… Maybe I went too fast
With this I am reporting the issue, it continues after update to 2.656 Beta.
Any suggestions on what should I do? is there some command I can ssh to activate Spotify and to output to USB?

Can you send feedback?

Just did it a57de3e291a359f3 :+1:

Logs look good. Can you show a screenshot of the XL tab?

I’ve edited the topic to something less dramatic as this appears to be an isolated issue at this time.


As stated when I click commit changes i see Spotify on summary of settings but I have no means to change the audio output.

Is there a way to choose Spotify output USB with ssh?

But I see the tab with Librespot. So it’s still not clear what you mean.

Enabling librespot will enable Spotify ? Didn’t it used to exist a Spotify connect tab?

Librespot = spotify.

It has been renamed quite a few versions back.

Ohhhh ok :sweat_smile:
No mistery then …
It is confusing tho that in the revision after committing changes that it still appears as Spotify. I was not aware that Librespot was supposed to mean Spotify (didn’t find any info on what it does) and then you see Spotify as you commit changes. I came back to look for Spotify to activate and I found another name that I was not aware of it’s meaning.

Maybe you could clear this up? Either by stating what librespot is when announcing Spotify integration on rooieeexl webpage( ex: Spotify connect integration through Librespot) and changing the “changes review” menu from Spotify to Librespof. Or renaming it for what it is: Spotify.

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Probably a legal issue - as its not a Spotify ™ ® © (name your issue) supported Spotify connection :slight_smile:

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Hello. I started using RopieeeXL just today and I noticed lack of Spotify Connect. I read about Librespot later. I see there is login field on Librespot page, but I’m not sure if I can sign in with my Spotify account or maybe I must create a separate Librespot account (and on which website I can do that)?

With regards, Sławomir.

Librespot = Spotify

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Thanks. Everything just works perfectly now. I am enjoyed with ropieee :slight_smile: :grinning:

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