Spotify offering advertisers their personalized “Discover Weekly” function

Spotify is now offering brands the option to sponsor Discover Weekly, its signature customized playlist that updates every Monday for each user. It is supposedly one of the most popular features among both the platform’s 87 million paid subscribers and 109 million ad-supported free users.

The new ad type, as reported by TechCrunch, gives brands the ability to “own the personalized listening experience” and gives them access to a particularly engaged audience, as Discover Weekly listeners spend twice as much time on Spotify compared to users who don’t.

We gave multinationals all our personal information, who would possibly have foreseen anything bad happening?

People are delighted to get this. But it’s for the free tier I read – and wasn’t nothing for free, really?

When I worked in music retail in the 1980’s (record, tapes, CDs) the chains sold the display space to the distributors and labels on the end caps and on the walls in the stores.

Some things never change :slight_smile:

That’s why they call it the music business.

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