Spotify playback issues with RopieeeXL

Hello, long time lurker. I have been using a Pi running RopieeeXL for about a year now flawlessly streaming from my NUC based core into my DAC. I have been trying to integrate the whole system to be used as a spotify streamer. I have the option for a playback device and as an airplay device under Spotify and it acts as if it is playing but there is no audio output through the speakers. I found a couple of topics and attempted to switch to Beta and adjust several settings with no result. Still no audio output. I have submitted feedback with the following number of anyone has any suggestions! Happy new year!!


Have you been using this same DAC all the time?

Because there’s something going wrong with it’s detection.

Yes, it’s the same DAC I’ve had the entire time I’ve had my Ropieee setup running off of the Pi. Haven’t had any changes in that department.

Ok Thanks.

Please stay on the beta program. I’ll try to fix this somewhere the coming days.

Will do, thanks for the effort good sir!