Spotify, Podcast and co-existence

Hi all,

I’m enjoying Roon tremendously with my collection, web radio and Tidal.

However, I do use Spotify and Podcasts as well. Knowing the implications, of at least Spotify, not knowing about adding Podcast capabilities - I wanted to try and get a working setup going, in a slightly more basic way.

Are any of you running a 2nd piece of software on your Roon setup, catering for services not supported by Roon?

I’m on a dedicated box, running Win10 and would be interested in learning more around any experiences running a dual-type setup.


Hi Mikkel,

If you are using HQ Player as the backend for Roon there is an interesting thread on CA about Spotify and Podcast as inputs to HQP. Linux only though.

Thanks Andrew, I’ll go read it.

I am using HQP as backend, but on Windows for now. I have no issue using Linux - Windows was primarily chosen for .NET performance and use of supporting stuff like AO etc.

If you do decide to look at Linux HQP you may need a further licence (I think they come in two flavours, Windows and Linux/Mac). If so, send a PM to Gianluca (@bibo01) who is an authorised HQP reseller and can get a good price for Roon members.

Thanks for sharing Andrew - good info, will keep in mind.