Spotify - share your Roon local library?

As we all know, Spotify has turned down integration with Roon.

My speculation is that Spotify uses their front-end to track all manners of usage, and that information would be limited to songs played in a Roon front end design.

How can we incentivize Spotify to get on with Roon integration?

What if users agreed to share the titles in their local libraries, playlists, ratings, etc with Spotify? Roon users generally have deep local libraries, usually in less popular genres such as classical, jazz, blues, etc, which could give Spotify an edge in these areas. BTW… Apple Music is already getting this information off of iTunes I’m sure.

Would Roon users be ok sharing the contents of their libraries?

Not sure I would want to, but my desire for Spotify is limited so maybe that has an influence?


No. I definitly don’t want to share my local library and my personal usage of the library with anybody, especially not with a profit oriented company.
I also don’t want a webcam in my bathroom :smile:
These things are private

You don’t have a webcam in your bathroom? :open_mouth:

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AE67 doesn’t know about the webcam behind the mirror…

And I discovered today while trying out Spotify that you have to opt-out of sharing your personal usage of the library… Ho-hum.

Opt out! Not a good way for them to go in my view.


NO NO NO… way too many big brother data collecting out there as it is.

Why the strong reaction against sharing the titles you own (not the actual music)?

I wouldn’t mind at all. If you use iTunes I am pretty sure Apple knows everything you have (obviously true if you opt for Music Match). Spotify could better tailor recommendations for me if it knows what music I own.

My feeling is that there is too much of this already going on and now it’s just becoming a way of life that all these corporations have info on you so they can market you better…enough already.

I wouldn’t mind sharing my library titles. I don’t feel this is a huge loss of privacy and the little it exposes is of no consequence to me.

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I respect your point of view. And I expect others to respect mine.

It would be great to have Spotify on Roon conditional on explicitly sharing your library information.

Definitely do. Just not something I would opt in for myself.