Spotify Through a Roon Device

Would it be possible to have Roon devices to be Spotify aware. I am not requesting full intergration with Roon but a means of getting a Spotify feed to a Roon device and then controlled by Spotify remote software.

My scenario is that I would like Spotify on my Squeezebox. I would like the Squeezebox running in Roon mode. I would like to be able to enable a Spotify connection. I would then like to be able to control Spotify from any Spotify remote. I would not need it use the Roon interface at this point.


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I suggest you use LMS with Spotify plugin. But, you would still be using the LMS interface. I suspect neither (LMS or Roon) would allow the scenario of Spotify co-opting their transport mechanism to use for Spotify’s own application.

Is there a technical or commercial thinking behind your comment about LMS or Roon not allowing Spotify to co-opt their transport mechanism. Commercially I don’t see the issue for Roon when you consider the potential Spotify user base,
It may lead to more Tidal users once the Roon benefits are experienced.


I seem to remember that early on Roon approached Spotify but they weren’t interested.

Both, actually. Technically, I am not sure if what you are requesting is possible. I’ve only seen devices offered as Spotify Connect, not a secondary software based network distribution layer. Roon would have to work with Spotify to do so, and it would be to all endpoints not just squeezebox.

And commercially, Roon would have to partner with Spotify. How much extra fees would that incure Roon? And I am not so sure that Spotify would want Roon to be able to redistribute the audio streams. Currently, the Spotify Connect process seems to be tied directly to physical products for which there, I assume, are licensing fees and deals.


I think you are right … although I believe that this was based on full integration with Spotify which is slightly different to what I am requesting.


I’m not sure about the licencing implications. There was an unofficial spotify app that could be installed on the Squeezebox which fits the Roon scenario. (although that was more advanced then I want as it allowed you to control spotify from the Squeezebox and the softplayer version.)

Maybe using


Roon had a working spotify integration but could not agree legally (see the referred post from @danny ).

Would be great if spotify connect could somehow be integrated, but given the history, not holding my breath.