Spring 2020 13' MBP (Ice Lake), Should I Be Able To DSP?

Core: 2020 Macbook Pro 13’, quad-core Ice Lake i5

Device: RBP4, Ropieee XL

Hi folks,

I’m just wondering whether my current setup should be able to support DSP upsampling or not. Perhaps I was too aspirational when I thought that my new MBP would be able to support DSP upsampling in Roon, but I am unable to get any settings under “Sample Rate Conversion” to work without consistent dropouts and the “Audio File Slow To Load” error. When checking in activity monitor, it does look like many tracks are pushing me to very high CPU utilization, does this just mean that my Ice Lake i5 is not up to the task?

Thanks for the help!


Upsampling from what to what?

Maybe you can post screen shots of the signal path when this is happening, and also the dsp setting screen plus the details of the bit rates you are upsampling from and to.

Also your network settings like WiFi etc and where your music source is kept

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