Springsteen, still fired from his band! Why?

I think removing the bootlegs from Roon takes a way a lot of the actual point in using Roon.
So far it is simply the best player around to sort all those recordings in a good looking and very accessible manner.

But from a collectors point of view just setting everything to Bruce Springsteen, as Roon want us to, just doesn’t make sense.
In the collectors view there is a huge difference between solo years or tours and band tours or albums.

Byt still, no one have explained why it was a one “band” artist link before and not anymore.

But you’re also missing the point here.

If I add a Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band recording to my Roon library the artist link that will be active is The E Street Band. Bruce Springsteen will not be a link at all. OR they could be getting two links, one for Springsteen and one for the band. I.e. it is inconsistent and doesn’t seem logic at all. So Roon IS doing something odd here no matter what Music Brainz idea of things are.

This given that the artist tag says Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band.

That renders every recording tagged that way to leave Springsteen himself out of the equation in searches etc.

Which brings you to the question of how many albums The E Street band have ever released in their own name? According to Roon a huge amount. According to reality none.

This could be a consequence of your metadata, since my releases with the E Street Band do include Springsteen, and visa-versa.

There are many bootleg performances in MusicBrainz. If you find one you have, identify it in MusicBrainz Picard, and see if this improves things for you.

Try matching your albums with MusicBrainz … there are many bootleg performances listed. The MusicBrainz Picard tagger can help with this.

Hm, yes that is what I’ve been thinking too. But it still doesn’t make sense.

I’ve played around in Picard now for a while and contrary to Music Brainz ideas on a band or not, most albums are tagged as…Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band. Not separated.

But worse are all the errors in the tagging. If I were to sync my titles with Picard it would mess things up in a disastrous way across the library!

Good idea, but beware!
Make a copy of your files before matching anything with Music Brainz Picard!
There is a humongous amount of errors in the album tags in there. Some more crazy than others.

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