Spurious artist created by roon that I can't delete

I have two albums by a group called Agricantus. They are both tagged Agricantus in both AlbumArtist and TrackArtist fields. They exist in a folder called Agricantus.
For some reason, roon has created a spurious artist called Africantus, with one of the albums. Agricantus also exists with both albums. The word Africantus does not exist anywhere in my collection.

Firstly, why has roon done this? And secondly, I can’t get rid of this “artist” from my roon database - any ideas how?

Hi, @Timster, Roon does this thing probably because you Import settings are set to Use Roon Data.

That’s a bad metadata source from Rovi, sorry for that. In our DB “Africantus” has the only album which is called “Ethnosphere”, guess you have it in your library, you can go to the album editor and manually remove Africantus from the artists list.



Thanks Ivan