SQ from Roon vs Lumin app/Minimserver

I stream music running Roon core on my Dell server/SSD using ethernet connection to my new Teac 505 streamer/DAC. I also install Minimserver on the Dell, both Roon and Lumin app are on my Ipad.
I can play the same recording using Roon app and then switch to Lumin app for SQ comparison.
SQ from Roon: more polite, warmer balance, smooth sounding, analog like. But not as detail or robust as I would like, less fatigue in long listening session.
SQ from Lumin: more dynamic and detail, a bit louder, more air around instrument, not as smooth, sometime a bit bright.
They are both very good, I still need to decide what I like more.
Is there any setting in Roon that I can tweak to tame the SQ? I know there is a DSP option I can play around, but I don’t want to touch it yet.