SQ: Is there a better way to connect? LAN, HDMI, USB .....?

I recently did some upgrade to my HiFi:

  • Linn Selekt DSM Surround - Cisco Switch SG 200-08 - Fritz!Box 7590
  • Qnap HS-264 Silent NAS (Roon Server) - Cisco Switch SG 200-08 - Fritz!Box 7590
  • Sony XR-55X90K (TV) (HDMI ARC) - Cisco Switch SG 200-08 - Fritz!Box 7590

Linn is connected though LAN and HDMI Out (ARC) to Sony XR-55X90K.

Qnap HS-264 Silent NAS (dual HDMI 2.0 outputs, supporting up to a 4K60 resolution, as well as a pair of USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A and dual 2.5GbE network port)

The QNAP is connected to LAN and HDMI to Sony XR-55X90K. It is not connected directly to Linn.

The BIG Q: Is that the best way to connect the equipment?

THX for any advice and have a great day :slight_smile:


The quality of the sound may also depend on the input used from the DAC (the quality of the implementation of the protocol used). If I were you, I would try all the inputs and choose the one with the best sound quality (if there is any difference between the inputs).

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Agree with Daniel

The only person who can make that judgment of your setup with your ears and your preferences…

Are you experiencing any issues with the system the way it is currently connected? If the FritzBox 7590 has 4 ethernet ports why the Cisco Switch? Is there also other LAN traffic via ethernet or WiFi to take into consideration? Does the Cisco Switch support port priorities and if so do you utilize it? Are all these devices connected to some kind of power conditioner, surge protector or UPS?

No - Is playing just fine.

2 are used for home-office

No - Unmanaged


Yes - surge protector (the whole department). Power conditioner - No need for that anymore. Just sold my PS PowerPlant.