SQ problem with Roon compared to UPNP

My configuration:

  • Naim Nac 62 (olive series)
  • Naim Nap 200 (classic series)
  • Naim HiCap (Olive series)
  • Raspberry Pi 3b with Volumio and RoonBridge (tested also with a fresh install of Ropieee, same results)
  • Topping D50 connected via usb to Raspberry
  • Monitor Audio Gold 200
  • Macbook Pro 13" 2017 with High Sierra, 16gb RAM, 3,1 Ghz i5, SSD
  • iMac 21" with i5 and normal HD, El Capitan, 4gb ram

The signal path on Roon always show “Lossless” so I guess it’s bitperfect. Anyway in comparison with the mconnect app on iPad or iPhone through the UPNP protocol I feel the music with Roon and iMac very fatiguing and with lack of engange and enjoimen with less bass and presence, less separation between instruments. With the MacBook the music is better but not at the UPNP level. I’ve tried different settings for D50 in Roon, first disabled the Volume control and with the volume at max, fixed, the sound is slight better. I don’t know if the difference is a different use of the Topping D50 between Roon and Volumio.

I love the great interface of Roon but the SQ is my highest priority. What can I do to equal UPNP SQ?

if there is any actual difference in the sound it could be the effect of some processing in the chain playing to the unpnp device.

From your description applying some “loudness” or other warming eq should allow you to replicate the sound you prefer.

So I believe a dedicated environment for the Roon Core, such as an Intel NUC running ROCK or a Sonictransporter.
Then a purpose built NAA device such as an microRendu or UltraRendu, with LPS or UltraCap LPS power for the USB output into your DAC over the RPi.

I don’t think so, with differents UPNP app the result is the same

Ok for the core (the imac is not a slower one anyway) but I’ve always read here that a Pi is just ok as renderer…

I have a RPi as a UPnP server but not as a render.
I have UPnP, the UPnP Bridge & RAAT through a XMOS USB->S/PDIF convertor paths all offering the same SQ into my Naim NDS.
I would personally keep a RPi as a computing platform and not directly in signal path. The RPi was not designed as a low noise computing environment.

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ok but if RPi it’s simply outstanding with UPNP why it’s not good for RAAT? The Topping D50 has an XMOS USB onboard and Archimago’s measures showed that a good modern DAC it’s already capable to filter noise

The Pi is not the problem. Can you post a screenshot of your signal path?


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