SQ questions, foobar/Roon (LS50W)

Hi everyone! New to Roon, but had the LS50W for a while. Now that I quit Tidal, both due to SQ and the issue with fake streaming numbers, I`ve gone back to CDs in FLAC. Currently testing Roon, with speakers wired via USB, and I get some curious results when comparing playback in Roon and foobar - on default settings (DS in foobar, wasapi in Roon), no DSP.

Quite a difference in soundstage/image! Sound seems more relaxed, correct/monitor like in Roon, while soundstage is broader and deeper and more posh in foobar. More separation in bass and treble here, easier to follow vocals and instruments in arrangements. Instead of going on about differences, I wonder if any of you have an explanation for why? Similar difference is heard in foobar, changig between DS primary and DS device. First thought is that maybe ROON wasapi don’t integrate KEF DPS (phase correction) the same way as the Windows DS. Anyone know what’s the issue here?


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Have you given Roon exclusive use of soundcard in the audio settings? Your best putting up an image of your settings so people can see if there is anything that sticks out. Also a picture of the signal path shown in the controller.

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With Roon you should also try direct streaming to the LS50W. Roon will see the speakers as endpoints (not RAAT and it depends of course on the firmware of the speakers).

Thanks for your replies. Simon; To clarify, yes, exclusive. It shows up as wasapi with the LS50 icon. Nothing else in path, dsp disabled… I think the perceived difference is from Windows mixer upsampling/dithering the 44.1 flac to set quality in the audio settings, before the signal hits the speakers. Tried to max this setting out, but didn’t feel any difference. Ended up with wireless streaming and haven’t thought more about it. BUT I feel there’s a difference here, between wireless/wasapi and through Windows sound control. So much that I think that maybe there should be some guidelines (from KEF) on how to set your PC settings for optimal/intended sound…