SQ with Chromecast

Never listened to a Chromecast audio but I suspect it’s not the best Roon endpoint when it comes to SQ in a 20000-25000€ setup. But lately I see chromecast built in in some low/midrange audio products. This making the product a Roon Ready. My question is therefore is there a difference between Chromecast audio and built in Chromecast. The specific product I’m looking at is the new Primare Cd35 Prisma. A 3500€ CD player. Enlighten me coz I’m not sure I “ get it”…

Chromcast Audio has been discontinued now.

I know, but it’s built in into a lot of audio products. Surely the SQ can’t be the same in them as in Chromecast audio? Also, must one cast music from the remote to the built in cc? I don’t understand…

You enable whatever Chromcast you have as a zone in Roon and then cast to that.

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“Chromecast built-in” means support for some set of the Chromecast protocols, to run Chromecast applications and support some Chromecast network protocols. It’s really a software thing. But the “Chromecast Audio” was a specific hardware device built by Google that included Chromecast built-in, plus a DAC and amplifier, plus some extra networking code.

Roon exploits some of the Chromecast protocols to be able to send bit-perfect music from your Core machine to any (?) Chromecast built-in device, whether or not it was made by Google.

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I use a Chromecast Audio as my end point with control through my iPad. Works great. At some point I may figure out a way to incorporate a DAC but for now the CCA is just fine

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