Sqeezelite Enhanments in RopieeeXL

Hi Harry,

Just wanted to thank you for your ongoing development of Ropieee and RopieeeXL

Have migrated back from PiCore to RopieeeXL as I required Sqeezelite, Spotify Connect and RAAT

All has gone well but the Sqeezelite options are restricted and I cannot 'target; a specific LMS server for selected endoints as Roon also acts as a LMS server.

Current settings in RopieeeXL are

Service Name:
Audio Output:
Volume Control:
Support DSD:

Could there be any plans to implement the following parameters in RopieeeXL’s Sqeezelite setting as it would allow for much more enhanced functionality

-s [:] Connect to specified server**

Currently use Sqeezelite with Roon for some endpoints, however have a dedicated LMS Server that I need to target with certain RopieeeXL endpoints*

-a Specify ALSA params to open output device**

Useful in HAT Configuration*

-b : Specify internal Stream and Output buffer sizes in Kbytes**

very useful with File RAM playback*

-p Set real time priority of output thread (1-99)**

  • Very useful in System config with Various HATS / DACS**