Squeezebox and Airplay players disappearing in 1.2

Maybe related to the Airplay devices disappearing?

I have 2 Squeezebox players running picore on RPI2’s.

Since the upgrade to 1.2 they’ve been randomly disapperaing from Roon. Only way to fix it is to restart RoonServer which is running on a Win 8.1 NUC box.

This morning the 2 Airplay devices on the network were missing. Went away for 2 hours and the Airplay devices show up, but the Squeezebox players are gone.

Now none of my audio devices are found.

Both Airplay devices and Squeezeplay devices are disappearing.

Only fix is to restart the RoonServer app. Don’t need to restart the NUC/WIndows. Just the application.


Is this related to the Airplay discovery issues thate are to be fixed inthe upcoming build?

If not, what do I do next?

Hello @mvrlogins,

Apologies for late replay here, I guess it is better to wait for our next release which is expected to happen later this week. It will contain some fixes related to Airplay discovery mechanism.

Thanks for patience and understanding.