Squeezebox devices no longer visible in Audio Zones [Resolved]

Hi, I just changed computers. As a result, I have done a fresh install of Roon on a Windows 10 Pro machine. I used to have four zones: system output, sonore rendu and two separate squeezeboxes. The system output and Rendu zones are visible, but both Squeezeboxes have disappeared. Squeezebox support is on in settings, and there is no LMS running on the system (brand new Win 10 computer). I have restarted both Squeezeboxes but that has made no difference. Any advice, please? Thanks, Jyoti

Computer: Dell XPS running Core i5-8400 and Intel Optane memory acceleration
Network: Ethernet connection to Netgear Orbi
Roon: Version 1.3 build 276
Windows: Win 10 Pro 64 bit version 1709

Problem solved. The individual Squeezeboxes had to be shifted to the music library on the new computer. Once they did that, the music was flowing to both again. Sorry to bother you guys.

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No worries @Jyoti_Banerjee, glad you were able to get this sorted out :thumbsup::clap:

Happy listening!