Squeezebox Display and Alarm Clock

Yes, I know there was a post similar to this that was closed nearly a year ago. But I am wondering if there is any thought of providing an alternate display for LMS devices (such as my Boom and my Radio). In particular, I would love to have a clock rather than the simple Roon logo. Even better would be an actual alarm function. Thoughts?

Have a look at RoPieee (www.ropieee.org)

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I now have three HiFi Berry gadgets with Ropieee installed. It works with the Rasberry + HiFi Berry. How will Ropieee work with a Logitech Squuezebox Boom or Squeezebox Radio?

Are your Logitech devices hooked up to Roon?
With RoPieee’s touch screen support you can control any zone in your Roon setup.

Certainly, but I can do that with just about any device that has wifi. What I’m looking for is a way to recover the Logitech device’s ability to display a clock and, as a bonus, maybe even have an alarm clock. I’m replacing these Logitech devices with the Roon Bridge devices (with Ropieee) in my prime listenming areas, but I would like to make conmtinued use of the old Logitech devices elsewhere else (e.g., in the bedroom).

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Here’s a great article on clocks https://cosyhousehold.com/best-alarm-clock-kids/. There’re tons of options to choose from. I bought plumeet for my kid and then for myself.

I’m not sure if I’m not understanding your question or if it’s something that’s been recently added to Roon (I’m new), but this is very simple to set up in the device through Roon.

If you go to the Device Settings, and then Device Setup you’ll see there is a drop down to choose the standby screen. It defaults to Roon Logo, but you can set it to pretty much any display you have installed on the SB including the clock. It’s how mine are setup and it works well.

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Thanks for the reply. I have gotten rid of all my Logitech devices now, however.