Squeezebox Duet Remote Was Working, but No Longer

It no longer appears in Roon as endpoint.

Windows 10 Pro Ver. 1709 OS Build 16299.904, i7-3820 CPU, 32 GB Ram, Arris router, ethernet wired directly to Squeezebox receiver. Squeezebox Receiver connected to Topping D50 DAC. Logitech Squeezebox Version 7.7.3r16662

Squeezebox controller says that is connected to network. I turned off my Firewalls. I am not a computer expert, but I can follow instructions. Thank you, Rob

Some things I would try first

  1. A reboot of the server and the Duet
  2. Look for the Server IP address and verify that the Duet is set to that Server IP. It maybe that the server IP has changed.

The Server is the Arris Router, or the PC? How do I find the ip address of the PC?

The PC. In windows, easiest is to right click on the Windows Icon and choose Network Connections, then choose View your network properties. You should get an information screen like below. The info is the one I’ve circled:

Then go into your Duet setup and verify that that is the IP.

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Thanks Daniel. I did that, and after rebooting everything, and lastly the router, it finally came back. I also reset the Two Squeezebox components, and reset them according to these Logitech help tips: https://support.logitech.com/en_us/article/8373#receiver and
I guess if it stops working again, I’ll just lookup this thread!

Sometimes I think that someone at Roon just waves a magic wand, and it works again.

@Robert_Imhoff - No magic wand waved on our end for your issue (sorry to say :slight_smile: ). I was probably the reboots of the router and resetting the squeezebox components that helped bring everything back to a fresh setting. Either way, glad to hear you’re up and running and a big thank you to @Rugby for the suggestions!

– Noris

One last thing…I turned windows defender on and then a Norton Anti Virus, and Poof - Silence! At least Microsoft was considerate enough to post three pop-ups asking if it was ok to allow RAATserver, and 2 others. I checked “Allow”, and then just turned Norton off again, and Presto, Music streaming again.