Squeezebox integration

I have Squeezebox receivers using wireless with Roon. LMS off, but no sign of SB’s via Roon.Firewall OK, power cycled…trial running out…won’t know if it is worth the money …Help!

Hey @BEN_WOOD – I just added some time to your trial so we have a chance to get this working.

I assume you read the steps listed here? Can you confirm you’re running the latest Squeezebox firmware? Have you tried a factory reset on the devices?

I would try those first, then assuming you’ve enabled Squeezebox support on the Setup tab of Settings, check to see if they’re showing up on the Audio tab.

Let @vova and I know how it’s going and we’ll get this working for you @BEN_WOOD. Thanks!

Current set up : 2 receivers with Firmware 77. still no dice…

…does Roon work with Duet? Or is it like Spotify…which doesn’t unless you use Triode…

I use a Duet in the guestroom. Works within the limitations of the Duet. Max samplerate 96khz, no DOP/DSD, etc…

I took some time to set up the Duet and I also suceeded only the second or third time. Had to reset the Duet to its Factory settings twice.

So you set it up as if LMS is running but just don’t connect to the LMS…

…that is exactly what you do! It’s working thx.

Good you got it working. You’re right it is as if you are setting up a new Duet.

Now explore what roon has to offer, which is plenty in my opinion…enjoy.

Well for me it worked once but never did again since. I see my squeezebox in windows network (didn’t see it until i turned usb sharing on SBT). Still no go Roon doesn’t see the device. Tried reset factory, updated SBT to 7.8.0r16754 disconnected squeezebox several time . Resarted Roon no go. My LMS is off also. I about to give up please help!