Squeezebox linked to Mu-Qb 1st gen running Roon

New to this so purchased an i5 Nuc with 12g Mem and only 120g SSD. Been running really well, very cool with hardly any fan sound. Have 1st gen Mu-Qb and was struggling to get Hi Res Qobuz through it. Had and old squeezebox kicking around so fired that up and connected with Optical Toslink to Naim Mu-Qb and now getting no bit conversion, some sample rate reduction but pretty darn close through Roon. On day 12 of my 14 day trial and well impressed I must say, Main player is Naim Atom which is awesome with Roon. Also really like Roon arrangement and finding loads of old sounds again, along with new stuff which is excellent. Toying with annual or life membership, but that can wait until after Xmas.


Welcome to Roon world @MICHAEL_MCGUINNESS .

Glad it is looking good for you so far.

Enjoy your music!


Of course what you really want is a QB2 so that you can declutter and run it with Roon natively like your Atom over your network. It’s only money :grinning:

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