Squeezebox - Musical Fidelity M6 Encore

Hi there! I have a sweet deal on M6 Encore Connect and since it runs LMS and some sort of squeeze player, I’m curious if someone tested it as a roon endpoint.

Thanks in advance.

Just be aware, Roon does not support Squeezebox software endpoints such as Squeezelite.

Thats strange… My trial ended a week ago, but during trial period Roon worked flawlessly with squeezelite r2 on my snakeoil os streamer, although couldnt get it worked with philippe’s upnp2lms bridge with musical fidelity m1clic… Its shame that Roon is so picky about squeeze endpoints.

I’ve just got an Encore 225, basically same as Encore Connect only with power amp… Unlike with squeezebox touch where everything is OK up to 24/192, Encore is now limited to 24/48 without ability to set-up higher sampling rate - we’ve tested roon at my local store few months ago with Encore Connect and Encore 500 and we was able to go up to 24/192, not sure what happened since, but either guys at MF done something with player code, or Roon now limits squeezelites to 24/48…

No, Roon does not officially support squezelite, but it works!
The emulation done by squeezelite of the hardware is very good. Roon would have to actively block the software player, or rather allow only the hardware squeezeboxes to enforce this. I doubt that will happen.
The practical limit with Roon is 24/192 which is max for Squeezebox Touch (with the enhanced digital mod)

yep, it works… too bad that Encores are limited to 24/48 at the moment

Have you asked Encore tech support about it? As ogs has stated, I doubt very much that Roon has touched the Squeezebox code for a long time. The last time, I think, was to make a display fix; and that was over a year ago.

yeah, I did, but they keep radio silence about this topic…

Did you ever get your Encore running with Roon as a Squeezebox again after that shop demo you mentioned last year? I have an Encore connect and have never managed to get Roon to see it.

If only there was a way to install Roon Bridge on Encore.

You have to manually enter IP address of your Roon server from your Encore, if refuses to connect first time, hit connect again…

Thanks. I will give it a try right away.


I’ve been into the Encore Connect advanced settings and under the remote music libraries menu, in the remote Logitech media servers box I entered: http://:9000 (later also tried port 9003 and no port at all). I don’t know where there is a click connect button I only have apply and close buttons. I’ve restarted the Encore, Restarted Roon Server. as well to see if it made and difference.

Each time I go back over to my Roon: Settings: Audio, I can see my Roon Core searching for Squeezeboxes but I don’t see the Encore listed.

Without this configuration solved my Encore Connect will sit boxed and unused or have to be sold. Is there any more information anyone can provide to help me enable the Encore to be recognised by Roon I’d be most grateful.

You have to manually enter your Roon’s server IP address in to Encore - look for the “remote library” in menus from Encore front panel

At the same time, let roon look for the squeezeboxes… Encore will show up in the list shortly after you hit connect to remote library from your Encore’s front panel. My unit used to refuse connect at first time, just hit connect again. After that you will be able to manage it from your Roon interface.

Excellent. It worked. I can now stream Roon to Encore after the somewhat clunky switch libraries 2nd attempt connect method. Thank you xa_cefo for filling in the details.

The downsides: Switching back to the local library was extremely messy. First time I had the same failed to connect message in reverse but finally connected after multiple attempts. Then after again switching back to the Roon Server, next time it would not switch back to local and I ended up having to connect to the Encore itself as a remote library using its own IP address. After that I managed switching a little better via the My Music menu but switching back to Encore each time is still hit and miss.

For those reading this, when Encore is receiving its stream from Roon Squeezebox Streaming, the implementation is fairly crude, the music plays but there is no artist, album, track title or artwork with it. If you go to Now Playing you still see whatever track you played last from the Encore’s own internal server with the word ‘stopped’ above it.

Here’s to hoping MF will introduce an update with a Roon Bridge to run on the Encore and at the same time lift the 24/48 restriction they introduced.

Yes, switching back is a bit chaotic … I forgot to mention that I recommend shutting down the Roon server instead of disconnecting the Encore from Roon. I personally spoke with Mr. Pfleger from technical support about the 24/48 issue and guess what - they don’t care, the DAC is perfectly capable of decoding 24/192, but only when using digital inputs, the squeezeplayer is limited to 24/48 because "it was designed like this and even streaming was an afterthought "- which is completely nonsense - I hate when someone treat me as an idiot, people at MF are just lazy as f*ck - my unit was broken for 3 months and technical support simply stopped responding to my e-mails - what kind of company treats customers like that? - I’m done with MF, I’ve sold my Pro-Ject gear (they own MF atm) and selling Encore as well - there will be no sw updates in the future and I doubt that they answer your questions