Squeezebox Radio a little marvel really

I’ve had my Squeezbox Radio for about 8 years. It’s been resident in the kitchen as source of music since then. Originally when I ran LMS and continued with Roon, apart from the odd hiccup and a replacement battery it’s worked brilliantly. For such a small device and speaker it’s always sounded pretty good but in all that time I have never used the headphone out until tonight whilst out in the garden. I was listening via speaker but as it’s getting later and a lot of kids in the neighborhood i was reaching to switch to my phone and attach my Dragonfly Black. But I saw the headphone socket on the radio and decided to give it a whirl. And wow it’s not bad at all way better than I expected. Might use it more often as the battery lasts longer than my phone using the DFB and it’s not to far removed from it.

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