Squeezebox radio is dead, looking for a recommendation to replace

For some reason, I really do blame roon, two of my squeezeboxes wifi is now broke. I have been using these two pieces of gear for 11 and 9 years and they where flawless using roon until 1.8, and they both broke within 24 hours of each other with the same issue. Couldn’t have happened before I paid for lifetime? :slight_smile:

Assuming I’m screwed now and my gear is dead, I’m looking for a recommendation for a plugin speaker I can use in the bathroom. I know about the bluesound speakers, but is there anything else good I can use? I’d like to be able to use my computer to control and not my phone and the speaker is going to be in a very humid env.


A cheap Chromecast portable speaker might work. I use 'em for patio and gardening where I don’t care if they get killed by the environment I’m using them in since they were cheap.