Squeezebox replacement?

A big vote for RoPieee - a 2017 and importantly RAAT supported version of the classic Squeezebox (especially with the RPi 7" Touchscreen).

Ok, ok. I give! Just ordered a Raspberry Pi, Hifiberry Dac +, and case. If I like it (and I’m sure I will) out go the Squeezeboxes.

UPDATE: Just received all the parts, and put them together. Pretty easy, really - but you do need to be careful with those tiny bolts and nuts. Applying the RoPieee image with Etcher was easy too. Plugged it all in (in place of the Squeezebox Touch), and guess what? It works! Now to replace the other Squeezeboxes so that all of these rooms can be grouped together.

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Weird, it sounds exactly the same to me. And why wouldn’t they, since they both deliver bit perfect output to the DAC?


I don’t want to go into the discussion wether bitperfect is the only factor. I believe it’s not, but your entitled to your opinion of course :slight_smile:

For it’s time the Squeezebox was a fantastic device. But imho Roon (and RAAT for this discussion) is better. Which is good, because Squeezebox was it’s time WAY ahead looking at all those crappy DLNA solutions.

Heaven forbid :slight_smile:

That’s enough for a lot of people.

One more question. If you use the Raspberry Pi 3 bluetooth capability to connect with bluetooth speakers, will RoPieee still work, or do you need to use the Hifiberry Dac “hat” and then plug that into a separate bluetooth transmitter?

Hi Ronald,

RoPieee does not support bluetooth. So either USB or indeed a HAT should be used for output.


Thank you.

I have now replaced three Squeezebox components with Raspberry Pi + Hifi Berry components. And I’m very pleased with the results. Thank you all for your sage advice. Putting those together, and then hearing them work the first time they were plugged in, was very satisfying. Makes one think he’s a “hobbyist” as well as a music lover!

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Well done, once you take the plunge and have a go it gets easier as you have found.

As a current SBTouch user since its release, I am in the midst of my trial of Roon and very interested in this as well. I do like the display functionality I had when connected to LMS, so if I went ahead and replaced the SBT in favour of a RPi with a SPDIF out board (in hopes of a better signal going into my DAC), could the RPi 7 inch display be configured to work as well, or does having Roon mean that I have to leave the onscreen display behind, as the native display is now not functioning once I disabled LMS?

If this should be posted as a separate thread, let me know, and I’ll change it to the general Squeezebox part of this forum.

George, I think you will be disappointed with the Ropieee as a replacement for the SB Touch. It isn’t. Yes, the sound with the Roon bridge is better than the old LMS SB, and you can now group Roon devices together (you cannot group LMS SB devices with Roon bridge devices). But the Ropiee with 7" display will only show what is playing and enable you to skip to the next song - not much else.

I have abandoned the old SB platform (I had 4 SB devices previously) and don’t regret it for a minute. But you’re going to need to use another device to control the system - not the Ropiee with a display. I am using various computers throughout my house. Tablets are quite nice. The Samsung I’m using in the kitchen, for example, has magnets in the back cover so it can be mounted on the refrigerator door - looks like it was designed to fit there.

Great idea with the fridge! Thanks for the information regarding the Ropiee. I mostly worry about audio quality more-so than the display functionality. I rarely use the display for navigating the music, as I have used ios/android apps to do the majority (iPeng etc.)… I only have the one audio zone at the moment so it’s mostly my preference to see the currently playing cover art when on/clock when off, as I have become accustomed to that feature with the Squeezebox.

How has the hardware you ultimately went with fared after your migration from the SB platform? Has the switch to Roon and the Roon based player been a mostly positive one?

If you only want to see currently playing album art and a clock when idle then Ropieee is for you. That is pretty much what it does.

Roon is definitely the way to go. The sound is superb. The organization and display of the music is wonderful. The people here in the community are very helpful. Roon is constantly upgrading and making things better. (You won’t find that with Logitech.) If you are knowledgeable and like to “tweak” things, Roon is definitely for you too.

I found there to be quite a bit of work in getting my system to be fully “Roon,” but (as I said) I don’t regret any of it. And I received plenty of help here.

I like to keep up to date with technology - or at least have the capability to do so. I wasn’t about to buy old SB devices to keep the ability to combine everything into one zone. It is a pleasure to be able to move throughout the house and hear the same music playing.


Don’t get confused, Ropieee is part of the Roon ecosystem.

How so…?

I certainly understand that the Roon engineers can be very busy on other matters, but at some point it would be nice to have an affordable Roon Bridge replacement for the SB Touch.

I don’t understand your question. For someone who only wants to see what is playing that is what Ropieee is IMHO. It is a packaged Linux image for Rasberry Pi that only runs Roon bridge and supports most of the common RPi audio hats and if present the official RPi touchscreen.

Ropieee does what it does, and it does it very well. I have six devices running Ropieee, and I am very thankful that its developers have taken the time and effort to create it. What it doesn’t do is control Roon. A person accustomed to the SB touch will not find a replacement for it with Ropieee. If Ropiee had been developed by Roon (and not by third parties) you could push a bit for Ropiee to do all the things the LMS product did. I’ll bet there are a number of Roon customers who, like me, migrated from Logitech Squeezeboxes, looking for a better and more modern product. Having a SB Touch replacement available would make this transition a bit easier.

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@[quote=“George_Munroe, post:73, topic:22828”]
I only have the one audio zone at the moment so it’s mostly my preference to see the currently playing cover art when on/clock when off, as I have become accustomed to that feature with the Squeezebox.

But you have missed the context of my replyto George_Munroe, a SBT user who only wants to see currently playing cover art and a screensaver clock. At no stage did I suggest it was a replacement for a SBT.

If you want to do that using a RPi then install picoreplayer and enable squeezelite and SB Server. Use jive to control the screen. Roon will see it as a squeezebox. There are many ways to skin this cat but I was only trying to help George in this case. You seem more interested in your own wants.