Squeezebox replacement?

The HiFiBerry DAC Pro + is a great device. I use mine in wired mode. Great bang for your buck endpoint. You could try using a setup with a wifi bridge and hard wire whatever devices (or a switch) using the wireless bridge as an access point. This media bridge is what I used before I installed a data cable from my office to the listening room.

I used one like this:

Several used ones on ebay…

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I have a Squeezebox 3 in storage, I should bring it back. The Noritake VFD displays on the Squeezeboxes are simply gorgeous, and a sign of their attention to detail on the hardware (the Perl server software was horrendous, on the other hand).

Fun fact: Walter Murch, multiple Oscar-winning sound director (Apocalypse Now and too many others to count) uses Squeezeboxes 2 at his home (my wife is a good friend of his daughter).

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