Squeezebox skips


Hey. I am using Roon with a SonicOrbter, a Logitech/Squeezebox Transporter, and a Squeezebox Radio. The SO works great. However, I am having some issues with the SB playback. Intermittently, the stream slows down or skips or otherwise does not playback properly. Sounds like skipping although I am not sure that is the issue. I read some older posts about similar problems that had supposedly been resolved. Nonetheless, even though I am running the current version of Roon, I am having these issues.

Any ideas?

Are your Squeezeboxes ethernet or Wifi? Does this happen with all content or only HiRes?


WiFi. All FLACs. Both boxes worked perfectly when using LMS. This is a new issue that began when I switched to Roon.

Hi John, Flac is just a container format and doesn’t signify what is in the container, its could be mp3 quality music, CD quality, or 24/48 to 24/192 hi res.

I won one DSD. The rest are cd quality.


As I think about this, I think the problem happens more often when playing a Tidal track. Given how good the Roon integrations is with Tidal though, I have not been paying that much attention.

Also, my radio stops playing about every 10 minutes. When I adjust the volume, it starts back up.

I feel confident that the problem is not with the boxes as I never had these issues running LMS.

Support, any ideas?

Hi @John_Culver – you can read about common causes for audio dropouts here. Since most people are finding our Squeezebox streaming to be stable, the issue is most likely environmental – the article I linked sets out some of the most common causes, and should help you start to investigate.

I can tell you that troubleshooting audio dropouts can sometimes be tricky, requiring trial and error to understand exactly where things are going awry. We’re happy to help, but we’ll need to know all the details of your setup, particularly the topology of your network, the networking hardware being used, whether WiFi is involved (and if so, whether there’s any difference when connected over ethernet), etc. You can find a list of the details we’ll want here.


So, I reset the resync delay on both players as your instructions suggested and no issues for 4 hours. Fingers crossed.

Thanks so much.

Sounds Good! I hope that was it.

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