Squeezebox support mode

Squeezebox support mode is really nice feature but it’s causing some problems for the existing Squeezebox setups. So there’s a little room and request for improvement on coexistence of Roon and Squeezebox server.

For example if a player is transferred from Squeezebox server to Roon server with iPeng, there is no easy way to get it back to Squeezebox server. Roon server “Squeezebox support” mode is also causing continuous errors into Squeezebox server log because Roon does not obviously implement Squeezebox server-to-server communication. Could you please be in contact with the Squeezebox team and agree ways to improve coexistence. At least in the way that Squeezebox server would identify Roon as not being a full-fledged Squeezebox server.

If you search the forum you’ll find that this has been requested previously, however, the effort involved is disproportionate to the benefit.

You should only have 1 Squeezebox server active on the network at the same time. Roon or LMS. Not both at the same time. If you want to use LMS, turn off squeezebox support in Roon and then start the LMS server.

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It shouldn’t be too hard to indicate in the responses that it’s Roon server. For example the Squeezebox server discovery response could add “(roon)” to server name, and not use the pseudo LMS-version number (because it’s not providing the interfaces of 7.7 version series).

And port 9000 HTTP response could contain server info in header (would not require “disproportionate” effort). Now there’s header info at all and all HTTP requests just cause “404 Not Found” error.

Could you please fix at least this to make it possible to fix the coexistence problems more easily on Squeezebox side.

Saying ‘It shouldn’t be too hard’ to a software developer is well… questionable at least.

Roon made an excellent effort to support a widely used (but end-of-life) product from a Roon context: using existing Squeezeboxes as endpoints.

Expecting them to support the co-existence of a different server architecture would be unfair / not worth time and effort in my context. But of course – opinions may differ.

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Squeezebox is probably an end-of-life product for Logitech but far from that as a community supported ecosystem. Opinions certainly do differ and to me it’s a bit unfair to enter into ecosystem in such a way it causes problems to other parties. I write this with all due respect and I don’t have anything against Roon. It’s really nice product and it’s great they decided to support Squeezeboxes as a player.

[quote=“Kimmo_Taskinen, post:6, topic:10727”]to me it’s a bit unfair to enter into ecosystem in such a way it causes problems to other parties.[/quote] Roon incorporated support for Squeezebox hardware so that customers wishing to make use of their SB hardware in a Roon environment could do so. Interoperability was not an objective and it’s thus inaccurate to say that Roon entered into the LMS ecosystem.

As I was a Squeezebox user since early 2000’s and still have a few SBT’s I’m curious as to your need/reason to run both Roon and LMS ?

To be absolutely clear, as long as LMS and RoonServer are on different IPs, there is absolutely nothing to stop peaceful coexistence of the two.

Switching Squeezeboxes between the two is not always 100% consistent, but having the two servers running side by side does not cause any conflict or performance issues.

In my case, I have a Boom in the kitchen that makes heavy use of the hardware preset buttons. And a daughter with a SBR who prefers Napster over Tidal because of the way it handles playlists.

I am very happy with my Logitech Squeezebox Duet endpoint. Especially since it was no longer in use. I wonder what other squeezebox products are supported? All of them? Is this specific product supported - Logitech Squeezebox Touch Digital Media Streamer? I ask because this seems to be available, used, on the web. I ask not to fuss with existing endpoint, but possibly to add other endpoints.

Second question: Should I delete Logitech Media Server from my computer?

Thanks, Rob

If you have Roon, there is no need to continue to use (or keep) LMS. I have a Duet, Touch, SB3, SB Radio & Boom and Roon works with all of them. I was a longtime user of the Squeezeboxen since back in the Squeeze Devices days but picked up a lifetime license of Roon when they started supporting the SB devices as endpoints.

Thanks, Michael!

I keep an instance of LMS on my network because me and the family like the hardware presets on my Boom in the kitchen for listening to internet radio.

Ah, good point. I do miss those. Anyone know if there’s a way to do so via Roon?

Unfortunately not. I think if the Boom eventually dies I’ll replace it with an Alexa enabled device that i can control via voice.

Like most Squeezebox products the Boom was one of kind and nobody has built a remotely similar competitor that isn’t hundreds of £££ more with less functionality.