SqueezeBox Support [SOLVED]

No, native support.

I guess there are pros and cons for both methods if we are talking about receiving a feed only.

Native support allows the switching off of LMS but loses all Squeezebox functionality whilst the reverse is true if Roon is a plugin.

Does anyone expect there to be any SQ differences between the two options?


Hey, just tapped in to this forum for the first time.

Here’s another long time Squeezebox user who would love to use roon to control my two, synchronised, SBs.(These days mostly listening to Spotify but curious of Tidal…)

When this works I’ll most likely get the life time license to use roon.

I’ll check back for good news once in a while.

Other issue with the Duet is that it’s limited to 24/48. Everything higher needs downsampling.

Would Roon be able to playback to a Squeezebox Radio? Use the alarm feature? That’s an example where I suspect SB Radio owners do use at least a few of the controls on the Radio.

There are also quite a few people that are using non-Logitech endpoints for playback from LMS… iPhones, iPads, rPis, etc… One of my favorite SB tools in my iPhone is iPeng which not only controls Squeezeboxen but can also act as an endpoint for playback. Would that work with Roon?

Not trying to throw a damper - I’m extremely excited about the potential of using Roon in place of LMS. Just want to make sure it can cover all the bases. But when it comes to how I use my Touch, SB3 or Duet - I’m fine with not being able to control them directly as long as playback is as robust as it currently is with LMS. Can’t wait to hear more about where you’re taking this.

The goal is not to sit in front of a fully decked out LMS setup, complete with all of the mods and plugins and replicate it feature by feature–we could easily derail ourselves for months attempting that, and the overwhelming feedback we are getting suggests that that is not necessary.

Keep in mind: Roon is building its own ecosystem in this space that competes with Squeezebox’s ecosystem. Squeezebox hardware is going to be a part of it, but our whole business model is not about replacing or emulating LMS.

Priority #1 is getting squeezeboxes working well as endpoints
Priority #2 is making the most important controls + nowplaying displays on the squeezeboxes work

Everything else is lower on the totem pole.

Some of the things you’ve mentioned (like using phones, raspberry pi as endpoints) overlap functionality that we’ll be providing via RoonSpeakers apps–we’re not going to go out of our way to make the equivalent Squeezebox stuff work because we already have a solution in our ecosystem.

Likewise, Roon has its own remote control apps for iPad + Android Tablets, Mac, and PC, and apps for Android/iOS phones are in the roadmap and in progress–so making iPeng work as a controller will never be a priority for us.

We don’t intend to make Squeeezebox-specific alarm functionality–if we build alarms, they will work on all endpoint types. If there’s an easy way to make the alarms work on the SB Radio we certainly will, but if it turns into a quagmire, it’s going to be prioritized accordingly.

Maybe that means that our Squeezebox solution isn’t viable for you until RoonSpeakers apps and Phone apps exist to fill the voids you’re currently filling with iPeng, but this is, at worst, a short term problem.

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@brian, thanks for this update. I have a SB Touch and have the same feelings as most here (as long as the SB screen shows the info as it does now…even that isn’t a big thing as I do like to use the VU meters screen). I have a couple questions regarding playing audio formats, right now I have a couple 3rd party plug-ins in LMS so I can get DSD and 24/192 working and with Roon replacing LMS will I still have DSD and 24/192 playback? My other question is regarding what will appear on the screen of the SB unit, will it be using the artwork, track, artist, album naming structure from Roon or what the actual metadata is in the file?

The only other function I would sometimes miss on the SB is the TuneIn app, but I understand Roon is looking at adding it but is stuck in some kind of legal limbo?

Just as to TuneIn, this was the latest news from Danny:


that sucks… I do like the user-generated directory idea though, as I mainly only use it for a couple local sports and/or talk radio stations.

“All content should play everywhere” is religion for us.

DSD, 24/192, etc will work, just like it does on AirPlay devices, Meridian devices, and less-capable DACs today. Roon will downsample/convert as needed.

Any metadata/artwork displayed on SB displays will be Roon’s.

I agree, missing radio functionality is a huge hole. We’re working on it.

Thanks @brian

Brian, great insight. Thank you. LMS handles alarm clock functionality across all players so if you implement such functionality within Roon, I suspect it will work just fine on an SB Radio or any other Squeezebox.

I will definitely get on-board once you’re ready to release. Thanks!

vTuner? i know some guys there.

Just wanted to add my voice to the masses waiting for Squeezebox support! This is definitely the last obstacle to me getting my licence. Can’t wait!

Will I still be able to have the ingenious EDO (Enhanced Digital Output, by triode) on my Squeezebox Touch which enables 192/24 and USB Digi-out for the SQB Touch?

Squeezeboxes (2 SQB Touch, 1 SQB Duet and 1 SQB Radio) as endpoints would be a major incentive (in addition to some other open question for me that I will ask in a separate thread) for me to finally pull the trigger to become a lifer.

EDO runs on the Touch itself, and should still work with Roon.

I was wondering the same thing as I have EDO installed on my SB touch to get 24/192… I think EDO should still work but not 100% until we hear from the Roon guys about this.

We have a SqueezeBox Touch en route at the moment. Once it gets here, I intend to install EDO on the touch and try to get 24/192 working with Roon. I don’t expect that we’ll run into major problems there.


Great. Thanks for the update @brian.

Hi brian

That’s great news :smile:
Do you think Squeezebox Support as endpoints under Roon will make it into the next major release, planned for November? :heart_eyes: