Squeezebox Touch and transporter, no show

@support Just bought a Nucleus+ and have Tidal account, and bought a year subscription. Logitech media server is disabled on my NAS. “Enable Squeezebox Support” is checked yes. But neither my Touch nor Transporter show up on Roon, in the Audio setup. Nowhere. What to do?

Hello @Jim_Adams,

For the touch, you have to select the Roon library first by navigating to My Music -> Switch Library and select the Nucleus from the list. I would also make sure that you don’t have any LMS instances running on your network as these sometimes can cause issues.

For the transporter, sometimes I have seen a factory reset help with discovering it on Roon or a Xilinx reset, you can use these instructions for a Xilix reset. Please let me know if that helps.


Issue resolved! The factory reset of the Transport ‘prompted’ the Touch to follow along. Both are now synced. Thanks.

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