Squeezebox/Transporter Display Improvements [Done in 1.3]

This is tremendous news. Thanks.

One of the primary journey’s that led me to Roon, was investigating things to do with my squeezebox gear and their fundamental lack of a good Web UI. I love the squeezebox line which has to be the deal of the century for reasonable networked audio gear that can still be purchased new today. However, for a squeezebox Boom that I have, which is still going strong, I had to disable Roon on it as it is also my alarm clock - Roon does not have that feature (yet?). That’s the bit that I want - plus of course a clock with dimmer (why I purchased the boom in the first place) is useful in the bedroom. I’d love to see these two features included. Given the whole code base and firmware for the squeezebox line is open source (and still maintained), I can’t imagine it’s too hard to do.

I think there is a way to work out alarms using mysqueezebox.com + Roon–we do support switching back and forth, I recall that @joel worked something out.

As for where we are going with this: clock is coming (it’s part of the aforementioned changes). Alarms we are leaning against–it crosses a line from “music/audio” into “home automation” that we’re not prepared to cross.

That said, one of the things we are working on for Roon right now is an API–so it is possible that someone will build an alarms thing that sits on top of us.

Sounds mostly good. I hear what you’re saying, I would point out though that supporting the boom, it is an alarm clock bedroom device, so it’s quite a feature missing. I don’t need to have the boom on roon, though it would mean there is no roon in my bedroom. It would so mean that unless I’m prepared to screw around with vlans and things I will have to choose between either my alarm clock OR Roon support on ALL my squeeze box devices. That’s not a fun choice. Even if I manage to put the squeezebox boom on its own vlan, and do the same for the server, that means no Roon in my bedroom.

You should be glad you’re able to use your SB devices at all rather than selfishly expecting Roon to replace all LMS functionality. I think the Roon team has already gone out of their way to ensure SB devices can be used in the audio chain, to expect more is in my view unreasonable.


Great news Brian. Really hope you can include the Transporter VU Meters.

Thanks, changes are much appreciated.

evand, I agree Roon have gone out of their way to support a lot of brands, architectures, protocols, containers and formats and even operating systems. That is because this is core to the Roon philoshopy. They don’t want to be locked into one ecosystem, they want to be the ecosystem utilising a mix of product, services and integrated relationships. This fundamentally changes the basic principles away from the structure you’re referring to where a product only needs to support one device type, to something that grows organically over time through customer demand. It’s a fundamental shift that all technology is now going through, utilising Agile and DevOps frameworks, new digital platforms, ecosystems and intelligence principles. Roon may not wish to add support today or even tomorrow, perhaps with the extensive amount of Squeezebox hardware out there, more people will ask. Perhaps not. I suspect Squeezebox has a larger portion of userbase on here than you might realise.

So to call it selfish is a stretch, and to say I requested to replace all LMS functionality is simply incorrect. We all know Roon monitor these forums and feedback is encouraged. The simple matter is I won’t be using Roon on my Squeezebox Boom, unless I have an alarm clock. Whether that makes a difference to Roon or not, is up to them but I am within my rights to point this out and one day it may be fruitful.

And finally, your opinion adds no value to this thread. I hope today you got out of bed on the right side and have something more constructive to offer others on your journey’s around the world wide web. Have a nice day, I won’t comment further.

Thanks @brian for your input, will have another look at it when I’m back in the country.

Yes, that will be in 1.3 too.

Yup, exactly. Your input is appreciated.

If you asked me a year ago how likely I thought it was that we’d be going back to add SB display support, I’d have said “10% chance”. If it weren’t for repeated feedback on this point, we’d never have done it.

[quote=“marshalleq, post:42, topic:9405”]I suspect Squeezebox has a larger portion of userbase on here than you might realise.[/quote]I too came from LMS and had a whole lot of squeezebox hardware, including sb3’s, SBT’s, a TP and a boom. I still own multiple SBT’s and a boom. Fact is though, nobody’s making any more, they’re not Roon Ready and they’ll never be. When they fail you’ll have to replace them, presumably with a Roon Ready device or something that can leverage Roon Bridge.

Re my comment upsetting you, it wasn’t a slight on you and whilst you may see it as adding nothing, others it would seem agree with the views I expressed.

I agree with this point. I hold onto my Squeezebox Touch mainly because I can’t bear to see so much potential go to waste. What a fantastic product it was! I was gutted when Logitech pulled the plug but I do realise it’s becoming a bit of a ghost. Though there is tremendous work going on in the Squeezebox Community, I was too beguiled by Roon not to move away. I did use my Squeezebox initially, for which I am very grateful, but I now use a Mac Mini as server and player and prefer the sound and convenience. As I sit listening to Leonard Cohen’s latest I can’t help but feel the irony as he sings, ‘I’m out of the game’. My blank Touch sits forlornly on my speaker. I think it might be time to to say farewell to my old friend.Sniffle.

Actually, I’m thinking about buying more Squeezeboxes. They are quite solid in build quality, readily available and extremely cheap for what you get. Not only that they are a true ‘out of the box experience’ with Roon, unlike some other similarly priced solutions like Raspberry Pi / HiFiBerry (which I also have). I was thinking I’d chuck a few of them in the guest / kids rooms.

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I just sold my last SBT last week…still factory sealed. I now have one ODROID-C2 with Logitechmediaserver and Squeezelite installed, with a USB drive attached. It serves as my music source/player during electrical storms.

SBT is one device I’ve alway’s drooled over. It’s still ‘up there’ as far as I’m concerned in easily accessible, high quality music reproduction. It is truly a thing of beauty and I can’t fathom how you could have had one remaining factory sealed! That said, now I’m in an apartment it’s probably too big so I’ve gone Raspberry Pi and HiFiBerry for ‘high quality’ DAC output. Probably I would have been better off going for a MamboBerry to be honest, though not sure that Roon supports that yet (next on list).

I have seen plenty of factory sealed ‘new’ Squeeze Box Transporters for sale, so to my earlier point, this hardware is still readily available online ‘as new’. Such a great option to have that is still relevant today. Logitech are complete Monkey’s for not realising their own market reach and have clearly been shown how wrong they were by competing products such as Sonos with their over 1 Billion in Revenue from the same category.

Anyway, still good that so much of it is still available, they must have really over produced, or really not have expected it to be EOL within 5-10 years!

Had a Transporter too - it was my first ‘serious’ DAC.

Only reason I still had a sealed Touch was because I bought a whole lot when Logitech announced EOL. Squeezelite didn’t yet exist and neither did Roon. Sold most at current prices

Oh I thought SBT = Squeeze Box Transporter. Thanks for clarification.

I would say, implemented in 1.3 :slight_smile:

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I would agree, some great improvements in 1.3 for our squeezeboxes.

My Boom is looking great with its new text display; thanks Roon.