Squeezebox wont play 24/192 [fixed]

When I try to play 24/196, the play button depresses to pause but there is no music and the slider doesn’t move.

Then if I try to play another 16/44 track the slider moves but no music.

Restating the app or simply moving around it a bit and selecting other tracks then gets things playing.

The same track plays fine through LMS on my qnap NAS.

Any ideas what the issue may be here?



Can you confirm you’re running the BETA 7.8 firmware on your Squeezebox? That’s required for Roon to play 192k files.

Thanks for the reply Mike.

I have updated to
Logitech Media Server Version: 7.8.1 - 1452060482 @ Fri Jan 22 03:19:21 UTC 2016

However my touch seemed static on Firmware: 7.7.3-r16676 and when I click update on the Touch it tells me I’m on the most recent firmware.

I’ve had to wait a good few minutes and then reboot everything but after about 3 restarts my Touch informs me of a firmware upgrade.

Once firmware installed and and having shut down the LMS on the QNAP I now have 24/196 playing through Roon into my SBT.

So thanks for the pointer Mike and hopefully this result will be of help to someone else.

Now back to the music…


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