Squeezeboxes not behaving normally

I am testing Roon, I come from LMS background with 2 Radios, 1 Boom and one Pi. When I first started testing Roon I ran it on my Win 10 PC, the squeeze support seemed normal. I have since installed the server version on a NuC running Win 10.

Restarted everything, but the system reacts differently. All devices do not go into standby, on the boon I even need the remote to turn it off. They run the music and volume can be controlled, but no on /off
Strangely on all devices I could not choose the Roon server, but they still work.

I used the newest Roon core on both my setups, is there a difference between the server and the full windows 64 version?

As it is now it works but not as it really should. Any ideas? Also I am not running LMS

Using Squeeze devices as endpoints does limit their functionality as compared to LMS. Really they are limited to mostly dumb endpoint duties like just playing the incoming stream. You need fully “Roon Ready” endpoints and a device running “Roon Remote” to get the full functionality available from the “Roon Core”.

Aside from using the RAAT protocol, what other functionality are you talking about?

BTW would changing my Pi over to Roon Raat be a good idea? Any real improvement?
I would loose the ability to sync with my squeezeboxes. so is it worth it?

Hello @Squeezemenicely,

As to answer your question, no, there is no difference between RoonServer and the full windows version, they are identical except for the Roon interface. Just to confirm what you’re saying here, back when you were using the full windows 64-bit version, the squeezebox would enter standby mode as expected? Have you by any chance changed any settings in the squeezebox devices themselves?

You can use your Rasberry Pi as an endpoint to connect the squeezebox but you will still need a Roon Core to handle to processing, you can read more about this in our Architecture Knowledge Base Article. Please let me know if you were able to previously get them to enter standby mode and then we can take a look to see what has changed.


Hi, I guess you misunderstood the Pi part - I am using it on my network as a Squeezebox and it works well, I was wondering if it would be even better when changing software to Roon Bridge, since then I would loose the capability fo synced playback with my other squeezeboxes.

As for the Squeezes, when I started off etsting Roon running on my PC everything was behaving normally, they went into standby and I did not really see any difference to running LMS. That is why I installed Roon Server on a NUC with Win 10, I made a backup on my PC transferred it to my NUC and have been using that core since then. Also restarted all my boxes and the NUC, immediately afterwards I saw that the reaction of the boxes changed, The Boom was not showing the clock anymore and the Radios did not go into standby.

I have not changed anything on the Squeezes and also not in ROON, since the new Core is actuallly a Backup of my old Core - so actually everything should be running exactly the same as before.

Hello @Squeezemenicely,

Thanks for clarifying that info. If you change your Pi’s to regular endpoints then you will lose the ability to group them with other squeezebox zones, as you mentioned.

I would like to see what the behavior is like on our end so I have gone ahead and put in a request to the lab and we can take a look if there’s any difference between Roon Core and Roon Server for squeezeboxes, although I suspect not. I will be sure to let you know how our investigation goes once it reaches the queue.