Squeezelite and Native DSD

@spockfish …. one more thing …
Few months ago you added on Squeezelite configuration tab the DOP option in order to play DSD files with a DoP only dac and it works fine.
Now I have a Native DSD capable dac (Khadas Tone Board, up to DSD512) and the only way to play native DSD is to add to the Squeezelite configuration file (run.sh) some more arguments
“-W -D :u32be” (without double quote)
but every time there is a configuration change or an update those arguments are lost (as expected …)
Could it be possible to add another configuration button, like DoP one, that writes those arguments in the Squeezelite configuration?
It would be helpful and fine …
Thank you


Question would be what’s the right way to implement this…

What about if there is a switch that says ‘enable DSD’ and the ‘DoP’ switch becomes only available if you enable DSD?

I don’t have any preference, it’s up to you to implement it in the best way … thank you!

Any reason for the ‘-W’ option?

… I’m not very expert … it seems it is not useful for my scope, I’ve just tried and the arguments -D and :u32be are enough
Thank you

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@Stefano_Antonelli see beta channel. Can you try?

Wonderful Harry, it works!
Thanks a lot

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Hello Harry, after some more investigation and experience I realized that “-W” argument is due if you upsample to PCM using the C-3PO plugin in LMS/Daphile.
With this argument, in addition to the others
(“-D”/“-D :u32be”) Squeezelite become fully compatible with C-3PO.
As you can find in the Squeezelite help, the “-W” argument meaning is
“ Read wave and aiff format from header, ignore server parameters”
Could then be possible to have the “-W” argument always present with the other arguments?
It should be
“-W -D”
“-W -D :u32be”
… I hope I’ve been sufficiently clear, it’s quite difficult to explain in another language …
Thank you

Hi @Stefano_Antonelli ,

This just landed in the beta channel.


Just updated to beta 4.013 and it works!
Wonderful Harry, thank a lot!

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Hi Stefano,

Can you confirm: you can now indeed select native dsd in your setup? I am trying to get this to work with a DAC capable of native dsd, but the option just will NOT show up in the setup…


If you’re referring to RoPieeeXL/Squeezelite configuration I do confirm