Squuezebox scanning does not find anything


I try to enable Squeezebox streaming, but Roon does not find anything
Where to look?

Here’s the KB link to troubleshoot your issue…


Troubleshooting Device Discovery #4 has usually fixed my Squeezebox issue.

Hello @Michael_Nemoy, and thanks for your report! It looks like John gave you the right article for this issue, were you able to get things resolved? We’re happy to help!

My problem was that I did not realize this paragraph

Step 1: The first thing you should do is turn off any Logitech Media Server (LMS) instances running on your network . Roon’s Squeezebox functionality works by emulating LMS–if LMS is running on your network, devices may find and associate with it, or become confused.

I could not turn it off as I have plugins, so what I did is

  • Put LMS on a separate machine (as Roon takes port 9000 same one as LMS)
  • I entered IP so the heartbeat from squeezebox devices will go to Roon
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