SSD Drive Not Showing Up

I have an SSD that is connected to my Mac. It shows up in finder and disk utility but not in Room when I try to add it. It is formatted as an NTFS drive

Any ideas why it isn’t working?

@Bruce_Weiser Is there also music on this SSD and if so in which format? Do you have a special driver like NTFS for Mac from Paragon? Which operating systems do you still use with this SSD? Windows? Linux?

Bruce, is your Mac acting as the Roon Core? As @Uwe_Albrecht asked, more information on your system and Core would be helpful to assist in the diagnosis.

Yes Imac is now my Roon Core, drive is external m.2 SSD 2TB
Tidal works fine to all Roon Endpoints
Thank you!

If roon needs read write access to drives (I dont know) then the NTFS may be an issue mac can read but not write.

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Have you granted Roon full disk access in the system preferences?

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