SSD or HD for music storage on NUC/ROCK?

Beside noise from a spinning disk, are there any downsides in using a HD instead of a SSD as music storage in a NUC based ROCK?

Well not really and downside but the upsides are disk space and cost. Drive height should be checked against the chassis you are using as most 2.5mm SSD’s are maximum 7-9mm and larger HDD’s can be up to 15mm depending on age and models. 9.5mm however is typical. This is assuming you are mounting internally.

If connecting via USB2/3 then really anything is fine and an SSD while noiseless will be be of no speed advantage in the overall scheme of things for music storage.

Even a slower 5400RPM HDD is more than adequate to keep up with streaming audio.


I have my eye on a NUC8i5BEH, a Samsung Evo 960 250 GB NVME for OS and a Seagate BarraCuda ST2000LM015 5400 RPM HD for music.

The disk seems to fit inside the NUC, being 7 mm thick.

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Got my NUC 8I5 up and running. Loaded all music on to the 5400rpm spinning disk without problems. All is working - and pretty snappy coming from a Mac Mini 2011.

A very happy Rock/Roon user.

I bet it would be…like going from a Toyota Corolla to Tesla

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