SSD SATA cable inside Nucleus

Inside the Nucleus, there’s a bay for the User’s own SSD and also another SSD wherein the Roon OS is parked. When I opened the bottom cover of the Nucleus, I did notice a RED SATA cable attached for the User’s Music SSD but I did not find the other SSD where I am to understand Roon OS is kept and its of 64GB for Nucleus or 128GB for Nucleus+. I would like to know if this Roon OS SSD has a SATA cable and where is the SSD mounted ? Thank you!

It’s in the M.2 slot on the motherboard. The sata cable is for users to add an internal 2.5mm ssd or hdd to store their music on.



AS @wizardofoz mentioned, the installed SSD should be in the M.2 slot. You can install your own extra Hard Disk by using the following instructions: Installing Nucleus Internal Storage

More information can be also found in the Nucleus Internal Storage Documentation and the Nucleus User Manual. All blue hyperlinks are click-able.

Thank you @wizardofoz & noris. This eliminates any sonics influencing factor of the much important SATA cable.

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