SSO test question, sorry if I'm being slow

The announcement says that after being logged out we have to log in again via Roon. Does this mean only via Roon at home, not via ARC?

Asking because the logout happens in my afternoon when I’m out and about.

By the way, seeing the in-ARC notification feature for the first time, that’s cool :slight_smile:

You’ll be logged out across all Roon services so you’ll need to login on your core as well as ARC.

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Any good reason the message came up on production cores and remotes?

What about those of us who are away on holiday (as many are at this time of year) and currently enjoying ARC?? Does this mean we will be locked out??

If so, I strongly object to this being forced on all users. Users should be given a period of time in which to switch to the SSO mechanism so that it minimizes disruption for them.

Hi @Adeeb,

As far as I’m aware this does not affect all users, only those running early access, SSO has not been rolled out to those on the product release.

While true, EA users have vacations, too :slight_smile:

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Is it possible to sign out and back in prior to Tuesday to complete this or will it just be forced across the board on Tuesday.

All EA users and vacationers should stand ready to return to their homes for the transition. Once re-logged in, you may vacate once again.


I am unfortunately a part of EA. Seems like the end of that for me. While I enjoy being able to help the progression of Roon, a disruption like this should not happen.

Can I exit EA remotely (while away from my core)? Would I still have to login after that?

Any other suggestions?

Thank you.

I have a suggestion…don’t do EA if you’re unwilling to put up with some disruptions.

EDIT: Events such as this is why I paid $200 for a used Mac Mini and Splashtop to remotely control my Nucleus. Of course, this specific instance is not something I could have anticipated.

EDIT2: As far as the timing of this, it’s always “holiday season” somewhere. Roon has customers all over the world so it would be impossible to avoid this issue.


Depends if you have remote access to your LAN

My objection is not to EA or even the disruption but rather that such a serious disruption was not communicated well in advance and the (in my opinion) very poor timing of doing this in prime vacation season. Of course, this would not have been an issue before ARC, but now that it is with us, the Roon team needs to think differently.

You are right that I expected some risk with EA, but I had faith that the Roon team would not be intentionally disruptive. As that does not seem to be the case, I would prefer to leave the EA program, which is why I asked about that in my previous message.

Unfortunately, no.

Edit: But I plan on setting that up as soon as I am back.

Well internet connections go down too and it won’t take into consideration if you are on holiday either…there will also always be a holiday period for some, summer winter spring mid term seem to be one of few or no others that is having a gripe. Enjoy your holiday…I’m not having one so be grateful your are :smiling_face:

Messages are selected based on individual user IDs and are then displayed on all devices associated with that ID.

Yes, but that is a part of the accepted risks of the Roon ecosystem (whether we like it or not). And when the internet resumes, we are back to business. The exceptions are power outages, but thankfully those are more rare.

I suspect that more people in EA (especially across Europe) will start to voice their complaints after this SSO test rolls out today, as not everyone has seen this announcement. Honestly, had this follow up post not been added, I would not have realized the impact.

Technically, I am working remotely during this part of the summer. But it is good to have a change of setting and I am definitely grateful to have this option! My disappointment is only because music (especially through the Roon experience) is important to me in my daily life, as it is to most of us here.

Thanks for engaging and hope you manage to get a holiday soon! :slight_smile:

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Ok so it should be 18mins past the reset time but my ea core hasn’t been logged out it would seem as yet…anyone else got booted off and had to relogin?


I hadn’t used ARC all day and your post reminded me to launch it. Location: Germany

This is all I saw after starting it :slight_smile: , on Android 12:

Then I quit the app and started it again, now there is the expected login screen:

After clicking Login I got the expected web login page. After entering my credentials, it showed this without apparent progress (the ARC app in the meantime showing the red “something has gone wrong” message):

So after a minute or so I clicked, but this only got me back to here:

I clicked Login again and another Web login page came up, asking me to choose the account:

I selected my account and then the ARC login seems to have worked. Note that I am not home, so I can’t re-login Roon at home yet:

I had removed the ea arc and just installed again seems to be working and syncing again after login. Maybe I need the ea client on my iPad too

Well that didn’t relogin was this only for arc?

This also logged me out of Tidal after I logged back into Roon. Now I am seeing that the Metadata Improver is paused since it can’t get a reliable connection to the Roon servers.