SSO test question, sorry if I'm being slow

Same here:

I’m still waiting on this…

Restarted Roon on my QNAP, what’s happening? I want to listen to my library!!

I logged into Roon on my Dell with no problems. Then, using Splashtop, I logged in on my Mac Mini and Nucleus remotely with no issues. Both the Mac Mini and Nucleus required me to also log into Tidal manually while Qobuz logged in automatically. All good here.

EDIT: Also logged in Roon ARC on iPhone with no issues.

Patience - if your library is of a reasonable size, the Roon logo will show for several minutes before the checks and balances of your database are completed.

I have about 60,000 67,000 tracks, and it takes 3 minutes or more for this process to complete.

In addition, this time I also got this:

I’ll start that update when I’m finished listening.
Patience with Roon, yes. I have a lot of patience. Already waiting 3+ years for some basic UI functionality and quite some time on the running correctly multi thread on non Intel CPU.
every update my heart skips a beat, can I still listen to my music or is the experience getting worse.
The focus however is on new ‘experiences’ and generally stuff that nothing has to do with the ‘core’ software it self.

Was someone able to login from a Roon_on_Wine remote?
Clicking in Roon opened the browser for SSO but, somewhat expectedly, then the login information from the browser never found it’s way back into Wine and Roon.

So it currently looks to me like Linux users need at least another non Linux Remote to be able to use Roon at all.

Accessing ARC after automatic logout reset all previously saved parameters, settings and queue. It also canceled all the downloads I had done


  1. My production only core also was also logged out and required a re-login.
  2. When signing in, my browser, Firefox, required an authorization before continuing the process. I did authorize it an it worked, but, I wonder if I had not whether the process would have broken. I logged out again and re-logged in and did not trigger the authorization again.

In continuation of the replied-to post:

Back home, very similar procedure and the same a little unclear flow:

  • Roon logged out as expected, click the Login button
  • Safari window opens, I enter credentials
  • “Redirecting” page, not clear if there is progress after a while
  • Switch back to Roon, still on the Login page
  • Back to redirecting page, no visible progress, I click the “click here to continue”
  • Switches to Roon app, I’m actually logged in already and my last view shows as normal
  • Like others I had to re-login to Tidal, but Qobuz had stayed logged in

So, in summary no big issues but the flow is a bit unclear sometimes with the redirecting window not making apparent progress.

It wouldn’t allow my credentials until I had white listed the site for cookies. I usually don’t allow them (android).