Stability issue HQPlayer in Ryzen 5900X computer :(

Hello i have been runinng HQPlayer cuda accelerated for over a year in my Ryzen 5900X computer witout any issus. But i resantly switched grafiksboard to an AMD model so i can´t run it cuda accelerated any more. Now when im using it unaccelarated it works fine from a performans side of view. But even do the computer is baerly under load im geting stability issus. The computer randomly shutsdown, It behaves just if there were a short powerout. It reboots witout any issus. And it dose not behave like that in any other programas. Even stressful applications like benchmarks are rock stable. Dos anyone have any idé what the problem could be?

I had somewhat similar issues with my 5800X + RX6700XT at the beginning. Not anymore, now it is perfectly stable. One source of problems was also the AMD driver I was trying to use for ROCm. When I reverted to the open source Linux driver, problems disappeared.

  1. Run for 24 hours and check that it doesn’t produce any errors
  2. Check that your motherboard BIOS is up to date, ASUS fixed a lot of compatibility issues on mine with BIOS updates
  3. Check that your PSU has enough power to run the new GPU!

Which OS do you use?

I am using windows 11. The problem was there before i changed GPU, but not in CUDA accelerated mode. The problem has been comming an going with updates. The moteherboard im using is a MSI model, im using teh latest stable Bios. There is a new beta Bios avalible, maybe i shold test that one?

You have High Performance power profile selected? It would be also good to check CPU temperatures.

RAM is not maxing out? Swapping a lot would slow down the machine. HQPlayer is not particularly memory hog - except with those huge filters such as sinc-L or sinc-M which can eat several gigabytes when upsampling to DSD rates.