Stability of 2.0 build 1259 on iOS devices

Hi Community,
Is anyone else got problems after releasing 2.0 1259?
On all of my devices (two iPads, two iPhones), Roon Remote is constantly crashing up to the point where it will come annoying (keeping in mind that my Metronome streamer supports Qobuz Natively and Roon is just for convenience as I do not have any music library on hard drives, CDs and LPs only).

Seeing a similar thing here maybe. Was listening to music on my local core via my iPhone through an iFi hip dac, The Roon app kept crashing. I transferred playback to a Chromecast Audio and the playback was stable while the Roon app stopped crashing on the iPhone.

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Yea it’s been pretty unstable since of late with random crashes.


The other night my ROCK stopped utterly (for the first time If I remember correctly), but iOS instability is annoying after the last update, either on iPad or iPhone.

Unfortunately, Chromecast or AirPlay are not options for me as I use strictly Roon-certified devices; therefore, I am not even considering using something else.